• Andrew Mills - Managing Director & Finance Consultant

    Andrew is a mergers and acquisitions specialist with over 16 years industry experience.

  • Andrew is a mergers and acquisitions specialist of 16 years who has had experience of a substantial number of fund raisings, and has strategically inputted into numerous businesses – both as part of grooming businesses for sale and from time spent as a management consultant.

    Andrew is involved in two capacities: firstly with an on-going supervisory financial capacity, helping to advise on strategic and operational issues and providing support on financials and management accounts and secondly providing operational corporate and contractual advice and input into deals with our client base.

  • Chris Frampton - Founder & Director

    Chris is the founder of Garantier and is a media and internet entrepreneur.

  • Beginning with the creation of MediaWave in 1995 – a company that offered corporate and broadcast internet solutions for online and broadband distribution – he has built on the knowledge gained of digital and online distribution channels and has since been involved in high level sales, marketing and distribution in the TV, signage and entertainment sectors.

    Gaining insight into social scoring whilst working in Boston on advertising targeting technologies, Chris set up Garantier to provide a research-based, academically verifiable report generator to bring the industry up to date with regard to information management standards. Chris's focus will be on the website, digital platform, content and back office set up, co-ordinating marketing campaigns, along with creating high level sales relationships with insurance companies, landlords, residential management agencies and corporates.

  • Prof. Robin Murphy, University of Oxford - Consultant

    Robin is a University of Oxford Experimental Psychology Department Faculty Member.

  • Robin studies Psychology, Cognitive Science, and Cognitive Psychology. Robin’s roles are to enhance the social scoring tools by working with Garantier and insurance industry actuaries and to lead the publication of industry research results.

  • Nick McCaffrey, Marketing & Sales Consultant

    Nick is the sales and marketing specialist within Garantier and Got2Drive.

  • Having had more than 16 years of sales experience in communications, retail, technology, music and film industries – specialising in devising and implementing strategies and developing customer relationships. Nick targets and manages some key accounts within the target sectors.

  • Lynn Allison, Operations Director

    Lynn’s role is to project manage the development and implementation of the Garantier products.

  • Lynn is an energetic, creative and committed Commercial Director with a track record of delivery in brand development, product development and management. Lynn is commercially aware, with a clear vision for brand management and communications to achieve market leadership. Short term Lynn’s role is to project manage the development and implementation of the Garantier products, and create new user journey strategies. Lynn possesses proven expertise in digital platforms, marketing and campaigns with a customer-centric approach and will be utilised more in that role longer term for Garantier.

  • Neil Hudson, Chief Information Officer

    Neil's role is to lead app development and testing.

  • Sarah Clarke, Testing Project Manager

    Sarah's role is to manage the test process and feature implementation.

  • Other Personnel

    In the first 12 months it is anticipated that a further 3 employees will be taken on – a social media manager, customer service representative and junior insurance appraiser.

    In year 2 it is anticipated that a further 7 people will be employed – including 2 sales reps, additional customer representatives and an office manager. The total number of employees anticipated at the end of year 4 is 17, as the back office, e-commerce and website-driven infrastructure can be managed digitally by fewer people than traditional industries.

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