• Automated, fast and accurate applicant screening

  • Where there is a date arranged, there is a risk of incompatibility or fraudulent identity.

    Most online services use matching and risk methods that have not changed for years. The way they verify identity and assess behaviour risk is out of date.

    Using Garantier’s online checker you can generate an instant, low-cost, and accurate report on any individual to help you assess risk and compatibility. All you need is their email address.

    Our one-click report generator analyses and scores a person’s social media activity – with their explicit permission - and describes their identity and online behaviour.

    It’s the ideal way for agencies to help prevent their customers experiencing fraud and for individuals who don’t belong to a dating or matching service (or who don’t trust their verification methods) to check for themselves.

    It’s a fast, easy and low-cost way to reduce your risk.

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  • I got to know more about my next date before I met her – DateSure gave me peace of mind when I needed it.

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