• Garantier’s report generator uses the candidate’s email address and searches their social media accounts for 237 specific pieces of information


    Verification of identity, location and age

    Rating for credit

    Score for fraudulent social media accounts and inconsistent names

    Analysis of employment and years of experience

    Languages spoken

    Residential information

    Payment types

    Email accounts

    Social media account information

    Geographical data

    Interests, health and lifestyle

    Personality scores for Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism (OCEAN)

    Remember this is information already published by the applicant on social media. Permission to access it is managed either indirectly through the candidate accepting your terms and conditions or directly by the candidate themselves if they log in.


    Information is not just gathered, it is processed. Garantier’s unique algorithms create a report which assesses and scores consistency, reliability, steadiness and personality – all the factors you need to understand when considering an application when other information is scarce.


  • After having to deal with some undesirable tenants – TenantSure helped me choose the right kind of people.

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